He wrote the book

             Bryant was a successful author in addition to his many other skills, having written “Building a Championship Football Team,” a true, detailed textbook on winning football, in 1960 and “Bear,” his popular autobiography, in 1978.

            “Building a Championship Football Team” was hailed for its “combination of good, sound football, humor and inspiration” and was used as the football theory textbook at the , and probably many other colleges, for students preparing for the coaching profession for many years. The book remains in great demand today and often sells for $100 or more on the internet.

            “Not only is football a great and worthwhile sport because it teaches fair play and discipline, but it also teaches the number one way of American life—to win,” Bryant wrote. “Our theory on how to develop a winning team is very simple—work,” he also wrote in “Building a Championship Football Team.”

            “Bear” was written in the first person, with Bryant spinning yarns in his down-home style throughout the book, starting with his boyhood on a farm at Moro Bottom, , and ending a few years before his retirement and death.

John Underwood, a prominent writer for Sports Illustrated magazine at the time, assisted Bryant in the writing of “Bear.” The book sold scores of thousands of copies and is easily available on the internet. Prices range from $5 to $500 per copy, depending on condition and whether the book bears an authentic, personal Bryant autograph.   

From the first day I met him as a teammate at Alabama , Paul always knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to coach.
----- Young Boozer, former teammate at Alabama