Bryant Museum

              Bryant laid the groundwork for the when he visualized a place to honor the hundreds of players who had helped him reach the pinnacle of the college coaching profession, and his wishes were granted with the opening of the museum in 1988.

Team photographs with the names of all the players on his 38 teams greet visitors as they enter the museum, which not only serves as a monument to Bryant and his players but preserves and promotes the entire history and tradition of Crimson Tide football. The museum offers visitors the opportunity to relive ’s storied football past and view championship trophies and also serves as an archival and research center.

Bryant’s name is also kept alive by hundreds of people named in his honor. The has a list of 545 people who have registered as namesakes of the famous coach and the number continues to grow each year. The museum, which hosts approximately 50,000 visitors each year, holds a reunion for all registered Bryant namesakes each year during the weekend of ’s first home game.

Coach Bryant has total control. He put Joe Namath on the bench before a big game, and if he’ll do that, Ozzie Newsome isn’t going to come down here and raise no hell and Ozzie Newsome knows it.
----- Ozzie Newsome, former player